Running Free

Running Free

When I wake up in the morning

with a smile upon my face

the sun shines through the window

and I smell the coffee taste

I step out of my bed now

but my brain is still asleep

I whisper words of gratitude

and theres´s no need to creep

running free

yes that´s me

But I have to go to work now

and this force me back to life

these damned streets are full and noisy

but my headphones  sound so nice

so I get aboard the train now

“Hallelujah” in my ears

and I close my eyes to listen

and I feel I´ve lost all fears

running free

yes that´s me

I´m Running free

flying everywhere I want to

Running free

no need to hesitate

Running free

singing all the songs I dreamed of

Running free

and suddenly that´s me

yes that´s me

Now I´m sitting in the office

but my soul sings songs of love

I´m staring at my monitor

but my thoughts fly like a dove

I have to earn the dollars

´cause I´ve failed to much before

my true passion is my music

and my faith creates new doors

running free

yes that´s me

© 2020 by This is...!